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Golden placers

25 - 28 February 2016

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Thisisanoffertointroduceyourbusinessto new customers andshowcaseyourproductsinastableregion. This region isone of the TOP-5 regions of Russia where the highest-earning peoplelive. Moreover, it features the highest level of social and economic development. Fast-paceddevelopment of the TyumenRegion’seconomyattractsmoreandmoreinterestandfinancial flows.

Weinviteyouto take part in a specialized tradefair titled “Placer Gold”

Tyumenisthecapitalofahugeregion comprising the South of the Tyumen Region andKhanty-Mansi and Yamalo-Nenetsky autonomous districts. Its economic development and welfare growth are driven by such highly profitable industries as oil and gas recovery and processing, construction, timber logging,andwoodworking, mechanical engineering industry, textile, clothing, and footwear industries, agribusiness, science, and trade.

Tyumenisanattractiveregionforbusinessduetohigh purchasing powerof its population andrapidly increasing number of retail businesses. Alongwiththedemandforreal estate and cars, the region witnesses a growing demand for luxury goods and jewelry.

Overtherecentyears,theamountoffinejewelryinretailchainshasbeengrowing, but its quality and artistic merit do not always meet Russian jewelry traditions. Thisisthereasonwhy thespecializedjewelrytrade fair in Tyumen becomes more and more popular.It is intended to shapeup a civilized attitude towards the development of a relevant market. Besides, thetrade fair helpsitsparticipants find new partners and establish mutually beneficial relations between producers and sellers.

Thetrade fair isheldontheeveofpublicholidaysand is accompanied by a lot of publicity.Its informational campaign involves city’s top-rated media and outdoor advertising talking about the opening of this milestone event. Personalinvitationstothetrade fair aresentouttoheadsofbigfactories, retail businesses, and financial service companies,as well as to the Tyumen region government bodies. In 2015, the trade fair wasattended byabout 7,000 people. Wearesurethatthis year event willarousegreatinterest amongspecialistsand general public.Your participation will make it even richer and moreinteresting.

Manager: Anastasiya Vladimirovna Fuchkina

Tel: +7 (3452) 48-55-33, 41-55-69

Email: fair16@bk.ru

Placer Gold Trade Fair sections

  • Jewelrymadeofpreciousmetals, ornamental, precious, and semi-precious stones;
  • Preciousmetalswares (dinnerware, tableware, souvenirs, home decoration, etc.);
  • Luxury watches with precious stones;
  • Jewelry repair;
  • Luxury jewelry;
  • Collectors’ weapon;
  • Religious items;
  • Jewelrycleaners.
Lavrushenko Vera Y.


Lavrushenko Vera Y.

Tel: +7 (3452) 41-55-69, +7 912 396 0004