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Construction and Architecture

16 - 19 February 2016

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We invite you to take part in the 21stspecialized trade fair titled 

“Construction and Architecture.”

Construction industry contributes greatly to the Tyumen Region’s economy, even in times of economic instability. Constructionandrepairindustrycomprisesover1,000 big and small companiesin the Tyumen Region. 150 of those deal with architecture and design. Allthosecompanies evincegreatinterestin the trade fairand activelyparticipate in it. 

Thesuccessofthislarge-scaleforumis, firstofall,associatedwithitsvast experience. Moreover, the fact that it gathers the best representatives of the construction business– up to 200 exhibitors throughout Russia – definitely helps in this regard. Thetrade fairisaccompaniedbya varied business program and a lot of publicity. Headsandspecialistsofcore enterprises and subcontractor companiesof the Tyumen Region, the Ural Federal District, and other regions, and regular residents of Tyumen are amongitsattendees. In 2015, about 8 thousand people attended the trade fair.

Construction and Architecture Trade Fair Sections

1. Architectural solutions, newconstruction technology: 

- architectural and urban development projects;

- civil and structural engineering; 

- utility networks and systems design; 

- reconstructionandrestoration of urbanfacilities;

- architectural and interior planning solutions; 

- new construction and energy-saving technology. 

2. Buildingsandfacilities:

- construction, repair, and reconstruction of buildings; 

- construction systems, mobile structures;

- low-riseconstruction;

- monolithicconstruction.

3. Construction materials and engineering structures:

- construction and finishing materialsequipment;

- glass, construction materials, mortars; 

- facades, windows, doors; 

- roofing, hydroand thermal insulation materials;

- paints, varnishes,andlacquers, surfacingand finishing materials, man-madeandnaturalstone;

- metal décor; 

- floor coverings, walls, and ceilings décor.

4. Interior renovation and finishing services.

5. Constructionmachines, equipment, tools, aids and appliances, workwear: 

- concretemixers, tampers, tremblers, plate compactors, etc.;

- stone-cutting machines, core drilling machines;

- concretefinishingmachines, mosaic grinding, andparquet polishing machines;

- cranes, hoists, bulldozers, excavators, etc.; 

- rod cutting and bending machines, floorsaws;

- heat generators, hot air blowers;

- electric tools, diamond tools;

- protective gear, workwear. 

6. Metal goods, metal fixtures, framings.

7. Electrical equipment:

- power plants, electric motors, electric transformers;

- electrical bulkmaterialsanditems; 

- cables;

- lampsandelectrical items, decorative lighting.

8. Utilitysystems, networks andservice lines: 

- heating and water supply systems, ventilation and conditioning systems; 

- independent water supply systems, pumping equipment; 

- sewerage, sewers,anddomestic water works cleaning; 

- oil and grease traps, settling tanks;   

- valves and fittings;       

- independent heating systems, boiler equipment, convectors, underfloor heating; 

- Snow melting systems and deicing solutions;

- utility systems, fireprotection, and security systems. 

9. Landscaping, land use:

- landscape designand new technological solutions;

- playground equipment;

- hard landscaping;    

- paving slabs, paving elements;

- fountains, swimming pools; 

- land allocation, surveying, cadastral services.

10. Professional literature, insurance, legal and bank services, real estate transactions. 

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